Capitol Park

“Beauty and Luxuriousness” 

In 1863, California Governor Leland Stanford envisioned a Victorian garden “with a beauty and luxuriousness that no other capitol can boast” surrounding the California State Capitol. Well over a century and a half later, California’s Capitol Park has a luxuriousness and beauty that few capitols can compete with.

Special points of interest, memorials, and monuments are tastefully incorporated into Capitol Park to remind us of our history and natural beauty. Visitors can sit under trees that were thought to be extinct, enjoy a pond surrounded by draping foliage while viewing living and static memorials, or relax during lunch under the shade of trees which are the largest of their kind in the state. Walkways crisscross the park, enabling visitors more opportunities to view its bounty.

Memorials and Monuments

Civil War Grove

Civil War Memorial Grove

Fire Fighter Memorial

Firefighters Memorial

El Soldado

Mexican-American War

Mother and Child crying statue - Peace Officer Memorial

Peace Officers Memorial

Spanish American War

Spanish-American War

USS California Bell

USS California Bell

Veterans Memorial

Veterans Memorial

Vietnam Memorial

Vietnam War Memorial

Starr King Statue

Thomas Starr King

Points of Interest

Camellia Grove

Camellia Grove

Commemorative Seals

Grinding Stone

Indian Grinding Rock

native plant life

Native Plant Life

West Capitol Steps

Rose Garden

World Peace Rose Garden