Participate in Special Events

Volunteers can participate in special “Living History” events throughout the year. These events are an opportunity for volunteers to play out a vital part of history while wearing period appropriate costumes. Volunteers can greet, educate, or entertain visitors. Some volunteers may choose to help with the event set-up, assist with food for participants, or even contribute to the clean-up afterwards.For information on becoming a State Capitol Museum Volunteer please contact Rachel Martinez at (916) 324-0319 or Rachel.Martinez@parks.ca.gov.

Historic Museum Room Tour Backup

Working in conjunction with a Guide (Docent or Staff) the Backup follows the public tours through the Capitol Museum Rooms. The Backup also turns off and on alarms, monitors tour groups, ensures the safety and security for the visitors, historic rooms, and the irreplaceable artifacts. Backups may have the opportunity to wear period dress while doing this assignment.

Historic Museum Room Interpreting Docent

Stationed in front of each of the historic museum rooms, these docents greet the visitors; interpret the room’s contents, and explain its historical significance in relation to the Capitol and California’s government circa 1900-1910. This is an opportunity to wear period clothing and requires some additional mentoring.

Active Status

You must volunteer at least 84 hours a year to be considered an active volunteer.


  • 36 hours of free training on the California State Capitol’s history and architecture and California government.
  • State Parks Volunteer badge upon graduation of the course.
  • A Parks pass providing free admittance to State Parks in the Capital District after 84 hours of volunteer work. To maintain the District Pass, volunteers are required to work 84 hours a year.
  • A pass providing free admittance to ALL State Parks after 200 hours of volunteer work per year.
  • Periodically you will be awarded volunteer hour pins and honored at the Volunteer Appreciation Dinner.
  • Additional benefits for California State Capitol Museum Volunteer Association (CSCMVA) Members.

If you choose to become a member of the California State Capitol Museum Volunteer Association (CSCMVA), membership is for the first year and as an active member volunteering 72 hours per year (six hours a month).

CSCMVA Benefits

  • Discounts on your parking costs or free light rail or bus tickets for transportation to volunteer work.
  • A discount at the State Capitol Bookstore.
  • A monthly newsletter.
  • Subsidized social activities and field trips.

It is not necessary to join the California State Capitol Museum Volunteer Association (CSCMVA) to be a volunteer with State Parks at the Capitol. Please note: a minimum of 72 hours volunteered hours per year is required to maintain active status for discounted CSCMVA membership.
Volunteer applications can be found by clicking here.