Spanish-American War

In June of 1949, as part of the expansion and improvement of the trout pond located near Memorial Grove, a monument honoring the veterans of the Spanish-American War was unveiled.

The eight-and-a-half-foot-tall bronze statue, titled “The Hiker,” depicts a typical un-uniformed Spanish-American War soldier with his rifle. The statue is named after the soldiers of that war who were known as the Hikers. The monument is mounted on a massive rock that came from neighboring Folsom. The monument also features a plaque inscribed with the following dedication:

“This monument erected by the United Spanish War Veterans Dept. of California to commemorate the valor and patriotism of the men who served in the war with Spanish Philippine Insurrection and China Relief Expedition 1898-1902. Dedicated June 14, 1949, under the auspices of the Department of California United States War Veterans.”

Monument committee members and government officials dedicated the memorial amid much fanfare. Numerous veterans were present for the unveiling, which coincided with a state convention of the United Spanish War Veterans and Auxiliaries.