The Great Seal of California – Jigsaw Puzzle

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The Great Seal of California is an artistic representation of the resources and history of our state. It was adopted at the 1849 Constitutional Convention in Monterey. This important symbol is stamped on all official California documents.

The Seal features an illustration of Minerva, the Roman goddess of wisdom. According to mythology, Minerva was born as a fully formed adult. Similarly, California became a state without having been a territory first. A California grizzly bear rests at Minerva’s feet. Even though these mammals are extinct today, they are still an iconic state symbol.

The ships in the background represent the importance of maritime trade and transportation during California’s development. The Gold Rush brought thousands of people to California, many of whom were searching for their fortunes. One of these “forty-niners” can be seen hard at work on the left side of the Seal. The miners’ motto, “Eureka,” is centrally placed below a line of 31 stars. In 1850, California became the 31st state admitted into the Union. Though they are not shown in this stained-glass image of the Seal, other versions also include grapes and wheat in the foreground to represent California’s rich farmland.