Educational Resources


The following are resources to help educators and students learn about California and the State Capitol. More resources are coming, so please check back!

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Classroom Resources

Materials and lesson plans about the Capital District, including the State Capitol Museum!

Activity Center laptop

Activity Center!

Have fun while learning about the California Capitol! Using games, puzzles, and coloring pages, find out about the building, its history, and interesting facts about the entire state of California.

Portrait of Mountains and Ocean

Parks Online Resources for Teachers and Students [PORTS]

PORTS is designed to augment the teaching of academic content standards in California’s public schools. PORTS provides digital resources that are available to students and teachers, including live digital video presentations.

Portrait of Capitol

California State Board of Education

Curriculum Frameworks and Instructional Resources.

Information on the curriculum frameworks that are the blueprints for implementing the content standards adopted by the California State Board of Education, along with instructional resources.

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About the Capitol

Discover the architecture, history, and development of the California State Capitol from its initial formation 150 years ago to the modern day.

History and Government

Information about California’s electoral processes, the Assembly and Senate, California governors and first ladies, and historic pieces of legislation.