State Fife and Drum Band

California Consolidated Drum Band

A fife is a small flute or reed and has been around since ancient times. Fifes and drums were an important source of entertainment for people. However, they also play a major role in military musical tradition that has carried down to modern times. They were used to boost soldiers’ morale while in camp and on the march as well as for sending military commands. Fifes and drums came to America from Western Europe and can be heard for long distances.

California’s chosen State Fife and Drum Band, The California Consolidated Drum Band, are musicians and reenactors who perform music from the Revolutionary War to the Civil War eras. The Band, founded in 1996, fills its ranks with members from northern California. They perform in period attire in reenactments, festivals, and parades.


(Assembly Resolution, Chapter 58, 1997)

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