State Amphibian

Red-Legged Frog

Rana draytonii

The California red-legged frog species is native to California from the coast to the Sierra Nevada Mountains up to 5,000 feet, and south to Baja California. They live in water or moist areas such as under or in vegetation, logs, and animal burrows, and can go dormant during hot, dry weather.

They are the largest native frog species in the western U.S., ranging in size from 1.5 to 5 inches long. Adults are olive green in color with black spots on their backs and are light grey on their underside with red back legs and abdomen. Adults are nocturnal and eat insects, small mice, and fish.

California red-legged frogs are an endangered species due to the loss of habitat, invasive species, and water pollution. Many organizations are endeavoring to protect this native species.

(Assembly Bill 2364, 2014)

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