• California has always been a place in motion.

    Beginning with the first Native American migrations, Californians have been on the move. From carts and wagons to trains and planes, perhaps no other means of transportation has played a greater role in the Golden State's development than the automobile.
  • California, the world's first “auto-civilization.

    The automobile, more than any other form of transportation, has been the most transformative piece of technology in history. Since 1898, the automobile has helped to shape and define the California way of life, creating what has been called the world's first “auto-civilization.”
  • Government took a leading role from the beginning

    when it came to licensing and regulating the automobile and its use. It also took on the responsibility of creating the massive infrastructure system needed to keep California in a constant state of motion.
  • The automobile shaped the Golden State's unique lifestyle.

    For more than a century, the automobile shrank and wove together the State of California.It opened up the state's most remote parts through the development of one of the most sophisticated transportation grids in history. The car also redefined how and where Californians would work and live, and shaped the Golden State's unique lifestyle.
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The Automobile's Impact on...

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Automobile and Roadways - Through the Years

  • 1918

    44 State Highway Routes
    407,761 Registered Vehicles
    354 Miles of Roads Built

    1918 Willy's Knight

  • 1934

    202 State Highway Routes
    2,006,255 Registered Vehicles
    1573 Miles of Roads Built

    1934 Ford Victoria

  • 1970

    285 State Highway Routes
    11,901,000 Registered Vehicles
    3500 Miles of Roads Built

    1970 Dodge Charger 500

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