Archives Exhibit Room

Museum Rooms, Repurposed

This room is one of two exhibit spaces located on the first floor of the Capitol. Part of the State Capitol Museum, this room is used for the display of rotating exhibits focused on topics related to California’s rich history and current events.

This room is available as a virtual tour on our website.

The State Archives exhibit room provides a visual representation that the offices of the State Archives, now located one block south of the Capitol, were once housed in the Capitol. Unlike the other exhibit rooms that museum staff have furnished and staged to look exactly like historic offices, these rooms remain unfurnished. The architecture of the rooms, however, has been recreated in exacting detail.

Perhaps the most striking feature of the Archives exhibit room is the ceiling. Recreated from a pattern found on a small remnant of the original ceiling, today, the poppy design parget ceiling and decorative frieze rests in its former glory. Multi-colored parget plasterwork was common in the construction of the Capitol, but was something of a lost art for restoration workers in the 1970s. Artists used pastry tubes and other tools to apply plaster directly on the wall and ceiling where it was sculpted into its final forms and painted.

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