3. Take Action

3. Take Action

It's important that your participation in the political process doesn't end with expressing your opinion. You can do something to actually change current policy. The simplest thing you can do is register to vote.

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If you want to do more, testify at a committee hearing. Did you know that the most critical phase in the lifecycle of a bill becoming a law takes place in the committee hearings? All committee hearings are open to the public. Anyone, including you, can testify on behalf of, or against, a proposed bill. Legislators, lobbyists, subject-area experts, and private citizens are generally in attendance at any given committee hearing. The schedule for committee hearings appears in the Daily File at least four days prior to the hearing of the first committee and at least two days prior to subsequent hearings. You can call the Bill Room at 916-445-2323 to obtain the Daily File.

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